Post-Election Poems, January 2017


Dear Friends,

A few days after the election, I was driving to The Dalles, Oregon, to offer a writing workshop, and a truck filled with Peruvian soft drinks passed me. On the side of the truck I caught the company motto: El sabor que nos hace únicos. ‘The flavor that makes us one’ became my theme. What is it, how can we cultivate it, how can renew pleasure in one another’s company across divisions, and how can a sense of common purpose become our way forward together?


So... I’ve been compelled to write and to publish a book of poste election poems—written after the election and before the inauguration—as a way to settle my mind, clarify my purposes, and prepare for a new kind of citizenship.


If you or someone you know wishes to obtain a copy of this book, it’s easy:

1. Or go to

2. Search for “The Flavor of Unity: Second Edition”

3. Order copies. They go for $5 + shipping.


I hope you enjoy the book, and I look forward to our work together to “work as if in the early days of a better nation.”


love to all,

Kim Stafford

© Kim Stafford 2012