Kim Stafford, a writer in Oregon...

You wander, find, study, consider — and from this engagement, you make little blessings to give away. This is a site for such gifts of word, image, & tune. 


                                   Seeds in the Desert

A song: The Edge of Heaven

Song by Kim Stafford, accompanied by Jan DeWeese

                            The Secret                         


After long delay, ignorant of what you guarded

when it came volcanic to your mind, there to be

hoarded smoldering until you found a way to tell it,

your secret is out—your joy too tender to entrust

to anyone, your pain too dangerous to reveal

until you do. And there it is, a birth, with blood,

to celebrate.

                     But then the bowl in the heart,

where such things first appear, has something

new to hide, some fingerling creature silver

in the dark, with jagged fins and tender wings

that must be held, locked up, suppressed, fed

crumbs as you fend off the world. Little one,

must you leave me now?


Thus we breathe our holy secrets one by one.



© Kim Stafford 2012
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